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Run out of shelves, dressers or handy spots for the plantini? Make the sky your domain… These hand knotted Macrame hangers are simple in style but create many opportunities for greening around the home. Hanging fern in the bathroom? check. Got herbs handy in the kitchen? Hell yeah.  The possibilities are endless, as long as you affix a cup hook securely where they are going. You won’t need any powertools for this, and you can sing yourself a merry song as you sky plant…

Down the court road early
With the Hustlers big and burly
There’s a million of ’em selling
And the buyers can be found
They’re just hanging around
They’re just hanging around

Rope expands to fit virtually any indoor pot, it’s not fussy.

Natural colour deserves full Bohemian plantscape – Plantscapes supplied separately.


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