Landscaping – Turn spaces into places…


WE MAKE PLACES, not spaces…

The most important quality any garden designer needs is not budget, but vision.  There’s no point spending thousands of pounds on a garden for it to look like a catalogue picture… We aim to take into account the natural features already in place in your surroundings and work with them.

Using our unique experience of working on and building show gardens in the UK at events such as RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court Flower Show, Malvern Show and designing and styling displays and plant offers for large Garden Centre Destination sites, as well as maintaining and caring for domestic and commercial garden installations, we understand how to use elements of style and trends practically in the boundaries of your space.

We are experts at taking spaces into hand and transforming them into unusual and creative places. We hold an RHS Silver Gilt Medal for a child’s play garden at Hampton Court in 2010 ‘The Dinosaur Den’ created from recyclable materials.  Our design portfolio has included restaurants, bars, shops and retail outlets and we also maintain self-catering accommodation and private holiday homes & gardens.

We offer both domestic and commercial options

We also know Rome wasn’t paid for in a day, so we offer a flexible way to redesign or create an outdoor space you or your customers will fully enjoy using – Our consultations are free & no obligation, and our services vary from a couple of days tidy-up and trim, to complete re-designs or new build gardens – all our yearly options offer one month FREE as part of your subscription.

We also give you our advice and share knowledge through out our visits, and tell you how to care for and add to your space so each visit becomes a mini workshop – aimed at empowering and strengthening your green fingers!

Having experience of working for a botanical garden means we are also experienced in creating indoor planting schemes that work functionally as well as beautifully on a commercial level – Our interior plant service covers installation, monthly or one-off maintenance visits and a yearly contract for commercial spaces with one month maintenance visit free.

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